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About Ananda Sangha Publications

Ananda Sangha is a worldwide group of individuals who share the search for higher consciousness and the ideal of service to others. We express this service by offering uplifting values and techniques for achieving peace of mind and inner happiness.

Ananda Sangha Publications is dedicated to teaching principles and practices that help individuals live lives of expanded, divine awareness. We are committed to demonstrate practically how to apply these principles to every facet of life – business, family, health, education, and spirituality.

Inspired by the great Indian teacher, Paramhansa Yogananda, and Ananda Sangha Publications founder, Swami Kriyananda, our offerings strive to combine the highest spiritual insights of the East with the practical-mindedness of the West.

About Our Logo
One day while Swami Kriyananda, the founder of Ananda Sangha Publications, was meditating, this unusual image came. After more than 75 sketches attempting to duplicate the delicate curves he had seen in meditation, he was able to capture it on paper.

The movement upward represents the soul’s aspiration, soaring in spirit toward God, and outward to embrace all beings in its quest for enlightenment. The downward curve shows the corresponding descent of divine grace that we are actively trying to bring back into our lives.
Whenever you see this symbol, it means, “Joy is within you.”

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