a pilgrimage to guadalupe

A Pilgrimage to Guadalupe, The Final Journey of the Soul


Swami Kriyananda

Paperback, 176 pages, ISBN: 978-81-89430-69-6

Product Description

In A Pilgrimage to Guadalupe, the pilgrim experiences a series of seemingly chance meetings. As the pilgrim seeks answers to life’s deepest questions, he encounters—at different times—an atheist, believers, a social activist, Catholic monks, a materialist, two saintly women, and others….

As the reader accompanies the pilgrim on his journey, he finds his own mind expanding. In A Pilgrimage to Guadalupe you’ll discover a universal, loving, and liberating life philosophy that thrills the soul.

[Author] Swami Kriyananda’s life since childhood has been a pilgrimage, and he’s well qualified to guide others on the path of truth and awakening. Take up your staff, if you will, and travel with Kriyananda to new vistas of truth, inner joy, and freedom.
You’ll be very happy you did.
From the Foreward, by Joseph Cornell, author of AUM: The Melody of Love.

What Others Are Saying:

For sixty-four years, Swami Kriyananda has been a disciple of the great spiritual master and world teacher, Paramhansa Yogananda (author of the classicAutobiography of a Yogi). During that time he has written more than 140 incisive books on various spiritual subjects, yet few of those works contain as many consciousness-expanding truths as this book, Kriyananda’s second novel.

“Life lessons and wisdom realized through a lifetime of spiritual practice, study, and service. A Pilgrimage to Guadalupe offers solutions to many of the dilemmas that face truth seekers today. Very highly recommended.”
—Richard Salva, author of Walking with William Normandy: A Paramhansa Yogananda Pilgrimage Guide


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