Essence of Self-Realization

Essence of Self-Realization


The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda, recorded and compiled by his disciple Swami Kriyananda

Paramhansa Yogananda

Paperback, 250 pages, ISBN: 81-89430-10-6

Product Description

Filled with lessons, stories, and jewels of wisdom that Paramhansa Yogananda shared only with his closest disciples, this volume is a priceless guide to the spiritual life carefully organized into 20 main topics.

Great teachers work through their students and Yogananda was no exception. Swami Kriyananda comments, “After I’d been with him a year and a half, he began urging me to write down the things he was saying during informal conversations”. As a result this offering contains one of the most intimate, insightful, and engaging glimpses into the life and lessons of a great sage.

The scope of this book is vast–it offers a comprehensive explanation of life’s true purpose, and the way to achieve that purpose. Many of the 300 sayings presented here are available nowhere else.

What Others Are Saying:

A wonderful book! To find a previously unknown message from Yogananda now is an extraordinary spiritual gift. How wonderful to read in bits and pieces, before bed or to open up at random for an encouraging word from one of this century’s most beloved spiritual teachers. –Body, Mind, Spirit magazine

Some of the selections are lengthy conversations, others as brief as a single sentence. This collection will inspire and delight both long-time devotees and novices to spiritual practice. —Anne Cushman, editor of Yoga Journal

Since Paramhansa Yogananda’s classic Autobiography of a Yogi was first published in 1946, its popularity has increased steadily throughout the world. The Essence of Self-Realization, a new collection of Yogananda’s teachings, contains his spoken words, lovingly collected and preserved by Kriyananda, his direct disciple. Kriyananda was privileged to live with Yogananda during the last three and half years of the great yogi’s life. “Write down my words!” the teacher urged the young disciple. And so he has, for the benefit of truth seekers around the world. Conveniently presented in an encyclopedic format, The Essence of Self-Realization is thoroughly indexed by word, and catalogued by topic in the table of contents.

Lovers of spiritual and metaphysical reading will have difficulty in choosing what to read first from among the central themes: “Working Out Karma”, “The True Purpose of Life”, “Ways in Which God Can Be Worshiped”, “The Soul and God”, “The Lesson of Reincarnation”, plus many, many more. Each chapter is composed of short vignettes, ranging in size from several lines to several pages. Here, we are privy to the words of a master – rich with wisdom, divine love, and the fullness of spiritual power. Be assured that at each sitting, whether for one page or one chapter, you will have gleaned some refreshment for a tired heart or a thirsty soul.

[This excerpt is] a sample of the inspirational gems within its pages:

A visitor: “Is your teaching a new religion?”

The Master: “It is a new expression of truths that are eternal. The truths underlying religion are eternal. They cannot be invented. From their source in the realization of God-enlightened masters, they become diluted by their contact with unenlightened human beings. That is why God from time to time sends His awakened sons back to the earth, to revive the spirit of religion and to return the timeless teachings to their pristine purity. There will always be differences of emphasis, according to the varying needs of the times. The fundamental truths, however, remain forever the same.” –Spirit of Change Magazine


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