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Lessons in Meditation


The Ananda Course in Self-Realization – Step 1

Jyotish Novak 

Paperback, 145 pages, ISBN: 978-81-89430-34-4

Product Description

This is the first volume of the Ananda Course in Self-Realization. As the course foundation it includes clear, step-by-step instruction in the breath/mind connection, concentration, meditation, the Hong-Sau technique, and Yogananda’s Energisation Exercises.

A complete, practical training program in yoga, meditation, the fundamentals of the spiritual path, health and vitality, and affi rmations. This course off ers techniques in the path of Kriya Yoga including:
• Yogananda’s Hong-Sau technique of concentration
• Simple “do-able” suggestions of how to sit comfortably for meditation
• How to still the restless mind
• How to take experiences of peace and joy into daily life
• Experience the importance of the breath/mind connection and the power of the focused mind
• And learn Paramhansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises, a unique system of exercises for controlling and increasing your energy level and overcoming fatigue.

What Others Are Saying:

I have . . . only recently started practicing Yogananda’s techniques on a daily basis (around 3 months now). Since I started the [lessons], I have noticed a significant difference in the quality of my life. I feel more relaxed, more at peace, and sometimes find myself smiling with a joy that bubbles from inside.
—Phil R., USA


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